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Hair Braiding




 Beautiful  Hair  Braiding!

Yarn Twists $250

Single Braids $300




Bob Braids $200, synthetic braiding hair


Havana Twists $200 Marley Braid Hair


Box Braids $250, synthetic braiding hair


Croshet Braids $175, Already Braided Hair

croshet braids I did


Kinky Twists Box Braids Size, $250 Single Braid Size, Marley Braid Hair


Nu Locs (Yarn Braids) $250


Micro Braids $350, bulk hair


Mini Micros $400, bulk hair

Mini Micros I did


Spaghetti Braids $600, synthetic braiding hair



Tree Braids (Singles) $250

  Bulk Braing Hair


Phat Plait Braids (dooky braids) $200 synthetic braiding hair



Cornrows Straight Back With Hair Included $75, synthetic braiding hair 

Senegalese Twists $250 Box Braid Size. Synthetic braiding hair


Stitch Braids $50 for 2, $60 for 3, $70 for 4

Goddess Box Braids $275

Design Cornrows with out hair $70, with hair added $80

Dooky Twists $200, Synthetic Braiding Hair 

Passion Twists/Spring Twists $250