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520-808-2465 Salon is EVERYDAY BY APPOINTMENT. Deposits Needed for Appointments. Same day appointments available. 6015 E. 22nd Street 85711. CASH ONLY PLEASE
Salon Rules

Salon Rules

No refunds or exchanges on any products or services

Salon is Cash Only

 $25 Deposits are manditory for appointments. No Exceptions

Deposits are non refundable 

Please do not arrive early for your service

Must pay before getting your service

Must sign in on the waivor sheet to get your service. If you choose not to sign in, we will not do your service

Salon is all natural. We will not do chemicals no matter what.

We do alow children in the salon. If they brake, steal or distroy anything, they will not be alowed back in the salon and you will have to pay extra on top of your service

I try to have a very happy and nice environment in my salon. If you are rude, mean or just plain out nasty to any of my stylists or clients, we will stop service and all you have paid will be forfeited and you will be asked to leave and never come back.