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Hair Extensions


People Can't Beleive This Is Not Your Real Hair!


Anybody that gets a full head weave, will get a wig cap or net sewn on underneath. I don't do them without it anymore.


I put the extensions in. I will also style them for you. Cutting Hair Extensions is $35 Extra

Malaysian Hair Weave

(Braidless Sew In)

I use micro Links to make a base then I sew on the extensions. It lays flatter then a weave with a braid.  It is 

$250. Your real hair will be left out between the tracks.

  Feather Hair Extensions

If you want them done then I can do them for you. Each feather is a different price. If you want them sewn in it is $10/feather. If you want them glued in it is $5/feather. Micro Link feathers $3/feather. Clip in feathers $3/feather. Fusion $3/feather.

Micro Link Hair Extensions

$250 for a full head.

Also know as cold fusion extensions, Strand by strand extensions. These extensions are put in piece by piece. I-Tip Extension hair is used. It takes 150-200 pieces to do a full head

Loop Hair Extensions $250. Similar to micro link Hair extensions. Only there is a plastic loop to help guide the Hair into the link. It takes 150-200 loops to do a full head. Wash once a week at most. Will last 2-3 months. No heat at scalp


No Sew Hair Weave $250

This method is similar to the Malaysian Hair Weave Only there is no Sewing and it will last for 2-3 months.

By Track Weave II $25 A Row or Track I will cornrow your hair from front to back about 4 or 5 cornrows. Then I will sew on hair opposite of the cornrows ( side to side). This way it will take less time to do. I still leave hair out in between each track. You have to get 5-6 tracks for this to look real. This style will last for 2-3 months.

*Track By Track Weave $250 I willl put cornrows all over in your hair and I will sew on hair to the cornrows. If you only want 1 row, then you can get one row. If you want 5 rows, You can get 5 rows. Your real hair will be left out in between the rows.This style will last for 2-3 months.


*Lace Front Wigs This service is available now. If you want me to apply it $150. I will put a wig cap on you then I will apply the lace front.  


If you want me to sew on some tracks to the back of your hair with your lace in the front, it will be $25 a track. The lace in the front will cost the same.


*Full Lace Wigs This service is available now. If you want me to apply it $150 I will put a wig cap on you then I will apply the lace front. 

 Lace Wig. Lace wigs are not like regular wigs. they are not sewn on to a cap. You can not just put them on and then take them off at night. If you tried to do that they would slip off. You need them to be taped, glued or put on with cream. Please do not bring me a regular wig and try to get me to glue it on or something like that. I can sew on a regular wig to your real hair. But if you want me to make it stay like a lace wig, you will need to have a Lace Wig.


If you want me to shave the front part of your hair line back so that the wig will look natural. It will cost $25. This is optional. You do NOT have to do this. I shave back about an inch so the wig will lay on your natural edge.


Tape Hair Extensions $175 for a full head.

Bring Tape Hair Extensions with the tape already on there.

Application takes 30 min to 1 hour. Hair will be left out at the top to blend.

Clip In Hair Extensions $15 A Track (Row) I will part your hair and backcomb some of the hair and I will put the clip in hair extensions into the backcombed part and then sew

 On The Clips To Your Extension $10/a row I will measure the extensions where you want it to go in your hair, then I will cut it and sew on the clips to your extension weft.  The hair that you will need to get is weft or weave hair. Hair that is sewn together at the top. Image  Image

Ez Weft Hair Weave $250

This Method is similar to the No Sew Hair Weave. Only the links are already on the Weft. So it is literally only one step process.


Braidless Weave $30 A Track I put single braids all over in your hair in rows. Then I make a base with a weaving needle and weaving thread. After that, I undo the braids and sew in your weave/extension. Your hair will be left out in between to cover the tracks.This style will last for 2 months.


*Quick Weaves $150 Made On Your Head While You Wait. This Service Is Available Now! I put a wig cap on your head and I glue tracks to the cap till I have made your wig. Then I style it. The glue will not be on your hair. Your hair will be totally safe under the wig. You will need to bring 2-3 bags hair on a weft or track. (weave hair)


Full Head Weave $250 None of your real hair is left out. afro curly weave i did I will braid all of your hair up then I will sewn on the weave to the braids.


Partial Head Weave. $250 Some of your hair is left out. This is similar to the Full Head Weave only, I leave the sides or the back or the front out.

Crochet Weave $150

I will cornrow your hair then I will use my latch hook tool and put bulk loose hair in the cornrow. No this is not a Sew in.


Glue On Weave $125



Pronto Weave $125

I will gel all of your hair down and leave a peice of real hair out. Then glue tracks to your head and cover with your real hair at the end. This will last 1 month.

Sewn On Full Wig (Wig Weave) $125. I braid all of your hair up then I sew on your favorite wig so you will not have to take it off and put it back on again




Pony Tails $75. I take Weaving tracks and make a pony tail onto your hair.    


 Half and Half $250

 Extensions. I will put one method of extensions on the bottom and a different method on the top. Micro Links and Malaysian   Micro Links and Malaysian Weave



Rubber Band Weave $150Rubber Band Weave I did   Rubber Band Weave I did




Hair that is good for extensions and weaves


Satin Strands


Premium NOW

Pro 10




How to Clean and Wash Hair With a Sew-In Weave

  Maintaining a lovely mane can be difficult---it takes time and patience. Especially when you have extensions, cleansing and washing your hair properly is imperative to maintaining optimal hair health. There are several steps for cleansing and washing hair that contains added, sewn-in extensions.


Things You'll Need

  • Cinnamon or brahmi oil Coconut or olive oil Comb Deep-conditioning treatment Olive oil conditioning/detangling shampoo Q-tips Hair clips Tee tree oil


  • Stimulate the scalp with a pre-shampoo oil massage. Use a dime-sized amount of cinnamon oil or brahmi oil---both of which stimulate the scalp and encourage hair growth---and massage into the scalp. Massage with circular motions for 10 to 15 minutes before washing. To protect the ends and maintain the shine of the extensions, apply coconut oil or olive oil to the hair shaft.

  • 2

    After applying the pre-shampoo oil, comb through the hair once with a wide-tooth comb to ensure that it is tangle-free. (If the extensions are curly, separate with your fingers, but do not comb through.)

  • 3

    Rinse the hair thoroughly with lukewarm water. With your hands, carefully lift the base of each extension and apply the water directly to the scalp and cornrow to remove excess dirt.

  • 4

    Apply shampoo first to the scalp (right along the edge of the extensions) and lather. Be sure to lather the scalp in a circular motion. However, do not scratch the scalp with your fingernails. Rinse after lathering to remove the shampoo. Repeat two additional times.

  • 5

    With a wide-tooth comb, gently comb the hair downward. Apply and massage in a detangling deep conditioner (Silicon Mix works well with extensions). Work the conditioner in from the scalp all the way through to the ends of the hair. To condition your real hair, separate the hair evenly, take a Q-tip covered in conditioner and apply directly to your hair underneath the extension. Follow the guidelines for applying a deep conditioner.

  • 6

    Rinse the deep conditioner and use the wide-tooth comb to comb extensions downward. To remove excess dirt from underneath the extensions, cover a Q-tip with tee tree oil and apply it directly along the lining of the extension, as well as the cornrow and scalp.

  • 7

    Dry and style the hair.