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520-808-2465 Salon by APPOINTMENT and deposit only . Deposits Needed for Appointments. Same day appointments available. 6015 E. 22nd Street 85711. CASH, Venmo Only



Hi, my name is Marci. You did my hair once before, (interlock croshet braids) and I really liked them. . . I would love it if you could do my hair again seeing as how well you did it last time. Thanks!



Love your hair,What an inspiration! Embracing my natural beauty has always been a struggle for me, but hearing confident and beautiful women like you has helped me realize my beauty and individuality. Thanks! I love dreadlocks and I love that the hair style has a story and a meaning to everyone who wears them!  Erica



You did an outstanding job on Deja's hair, we will surely be back. I will also forward out to all friends. Mrs. Criss. 



I realy don't know if you would call this a testimony but, I had a lady that got a track by track weave from me. She loved it. When I got home and had been home for a few hours, she called me back to tell me, thank you for doing my hair. I was amazed she call me back to tell me that!




Thank you kindly for working with me & being available for appointments. Thank you for listening to my input. You do such valuable work in this world, showing women their beauty. Thank you again & see you soon!




Your Website Is Great!

I was browsing the internet looking for cornrow styles and I found you. Although I cannot visit you at your salon ( I live in Texas), I wanted to tell you that your site is wonderful and very helpful. I can tell from your websdite that you are a kind person and you love what you do and that you love people too.We need more people like you in the beauty business. Thanks for all of the information and help.


Lynne Hamilton



Hello Remilaku,
How are you doing? My name is Tanisha and I live in Brooklyn, New York, first I would like to say I tip my hat off to you and thank you for not being like the ordinary stylist. I appreciate that you want to take the time to educate women on how to take care of our hair. The typical stylist will not share because they want you to come back to them and just spend your money. I fully explored your website and I love it, I can't wait to try some of the home remedies. I spend a lot of money on hair products and its nice to know I can use the things I have right at home. Can you please suggest and good natural shampoo and conditioner I can use in addition to some of the things you posted on your site (I'm transitioning into the natural stage). Also, you posted a picture of a full head afro curly weave that you did (its under the pictures tab under full head weaves on the third page you have a front view and a side view) and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. I was wondering do you sell that kind of hair I would love to purchase it and if not can you point me in the direction of where I can purchase it. I want the same exact hair you have in the photo. I thank you in advance for all your help. Keep the good tips coming. God Bless!